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Published September 12, 2017

Overweight and on a diet plan? Eat fruit –Don’t drink it!

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The most basic idea of any weight loss diet plan is that you want to eat fewer calories than you burn. But if you’re on a weight loss diet plan, you still might want to snack on a few low-calorie fruits and vegetables. One important thing to remember is that drinking fruit juice is a bad idea when trying to lose weight.

On its own, an orange might be a great snack whilst on a diet. An orange contains relatively few calories and the fibres it gives you fills up your stomach and gets rid of your hunger. What most people don’t realize is that when you squeeze out the juice from the orange, practically only the sugar remains. A glass of orange juice might contain up to four oranges. So, whilst eating one orange might fill you up and not significantly add to your calorie intake a glass of orange juice might load you up with calories and not curb your hunger at all.

Making a vegetable drink with a food processor is another story. Since you do not squeeze out the liquid when making drinks from vegetables, the fibres remain in the drink and therefore fills you up. Remember to use low-calorie vegetables like celery or cucumber as the base of your vegetable drink.

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